Criminal Defense

Former State Prosecutor:

When selecting a criminal defense lawyer, you'll obviously look for one who has extensive experience defending your type of case be it a DUI, felony, or misdemeanor offense. But if your criminal defense attorney has experience as a prosecutor, this can give your defense an additional edge. By understanding the mindset of a prosecutor, a defense attorney has the ability to look at a case from two different vantage points and consider the perspective from each side, providing a serious advantage to the defense.  

Extensive Courtroom Litigation Experience:

While many attorneys spend their entire career without seeing the inside of a courtroom, most prosecutors have spent the majority of their tenure litigating cases in court. This experience is valuable to a defense attorney as they are better equipped to defend your case should it go to trial.  

Understands the Process of a Criminal Trial:

A jury trial is complex in nature, most often involving pretrial motions, jury selection, cross examination of prosecution witnesses, selecting witnesses, preparing clients to testify, preparing and arguing a case to the jury, and deciding what jury instructions should be given to the jury. By hiring a defense attorney with experience as a former prosecutor to represent your case, it will help ensure that your lawyer will have the necessary experience to provide you with the best defense possible in a jury trial. 

Knows the Strategies of a Successful Prosecution:

When your defense attorney is a former prosecutor, you have the advantage of an attorney who knows how a prosecutor thinks, since they themselves once had to think like a prosecutor. Even before your case begins, your defense attorney will have a good idea as to how the prosecution will approach the case and use this knowledge to establish a strong defense.  

Better Defense Strategy:

An attorney familiar with both sides of a criminal trial has the arsenal to execute a successful defense for his or her client. This experience is worth its weight in gold.  

As a former prosecutor, Sonny Reagan has litigated numerous jury trials, hearings, and motions in every judicial circuit in the State of Alabama. As a defense attorney, he has used this experience to better his capabilities, leading him to become an aggressive criminal defense attorney. For more information, please call the law office of Sonny Reagan today.